With the founding of the AWAVE® brand, WARIMEX is expanding its product portfolio and wants to specialise in the production of sustainable, individual products from recycled materials with the start-up of the same name.

As one of the first companies, AWAVE® developed innovative recycling solutions for food-safe rPET products made from Ocean (Bound) Plastic. AWAVE® is the partner for sustainable advertising.

The company's goal is not only to make as many people as possible think differently, but also to develop its own manufacturing processes that interlock and use the resources of our nature responsibly.

Sustainable management is always the focus for AWAVE®.

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Special awards for responsible corporate governance
"Sustainable action is important. The small steps that can be implemented by as many people as possible are crucial. Companies can also have a significant influence on our thinking with their innovative product developments," says Stephan O. Hansch, Managing Director of LifeCare.Network. For this reason, the jury of the "Kitchen Innovation Award" 2023 has awarded us a special prize for responsible corporate governance.
"Best of the Best" in the Kitchen Accessories category
Our AWAVE® range was awarded the consumer prize "KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2023". This award stands for particularly consumer-friendly products and is presented by "LifeCare", an independent initiative that aims to address and support people's needs in order to noticeably improve the quality of life for everyone. Our products have been awarded the "Best of the Best" award for the best product in the kitchen accessories category and are therefore among the best kitchen accessories in Germany!
The consumer's judgement plays the main role in the "Kitchen Innovation of the Year®" award. "Ultimately, the consumer is the best judge of how innovative and tailored to his or her needs a kitchen appliance or piece of furniture actually is," says Harald Schultes, President of the "LifeCare" initiative, explaining the high value of the consumer vote, which makes the award unique in the industry. Our AWAVE® products receive the award for exceptional functionality, innovation, product benefits, design and sustainability.
Our AWAVE® concepts and products have been awarded the "Excellent product recommended by event organisers". We have been awarded above all for our innovation, design, sustainability and the quality of the materials.