Aging has many faces. The quest for youthful radiance and great skin is constantly increasing. It is a fact that from the age of 40 our skin loses 1% of its density every year. Degeneration occurs with increasing age. The amount of collagen decreases and less water can be bound.
Already from the age of 30 there is a reduction of the elastic fibres, which partly causes the characteristics of aging skin. The skin cells tire more and more. Our skin slackens. The elasticity, firmness and firmness of our skin decreases more and more.
The awareness for care, raw materials and nature is increasing more and more. Today, the NATRUE seal stands for consumers as a guarantee certificate.
NATRUE is an independent and neutral association that guarantees consumers that the certified product is of the highest quality, such as natural and organic ingredients, as well as gentle manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly practices. The guarantee that no synthetic fragrances or dyes, no ingredients from petrochemicals and no silicone oils may be contained in such a product also helps the user to decide which products he or she should leave on his or her skin.
• All BLACK FOREST pure products are free of synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances and synthetic preservatives
• Without ingredients based on mineral oil
• Without paraffins and ethoxylated raw materials (PEG•free)
• Without irradiated ingredients
• Without genetically modified raw materials
• Without animal ingredients
• Contains flavourings from natural essential oils
• The vegetable oils used are from controlled organic cultivation
• The skin compatibility is dermatologically tested and confirmed
• Vegan and gluten•free
• Produced with mineral water from the Black Forest