Experience the perfect moment with the CHIARA AMBRA® lash serum 

The price-competitive power active ingredient complex of red clover and peptides naturally supports better anchoring of the hair root.
This prolongs the biological growth phase, the eyelashes become longer, fuller and denser after only 4 weeks!
The natural growth potential of hair is supported.

You can also apply the serum to your eyebrows. This will make it appear more even and fuller.

Lash hair growth is divided into three phases:

  • In the 1st phase (30 – 45 days) eyelashes grow actively, i.e. they become longer. At the end of the first phase, the eyelash hairs have reached a length of about 10 millimetres on the upper lid and about 7 millimetres on the lower lid. How long the active growth phase lasts and which lengths they can reach is genetically determined and not the same for all people.
  • In the 2. phase the eyelashes are no longer longer longer lingers, no more hair cells are produced, but the surrounding of the hair root shrinks and becomes firm.
  • The 3. phase is a rest phase. In this phase the eyelash hair remains up to 100 days before it falls out. Then the growth cycle starts all over again. CHIARA AMBRA® eyelash serum strengthens the root and improves anchorage. This results in a longer growth phase.

Product characteristics:

  • Up to 45 % increase in the growth of new eyelashes
  • Up to 26 % longer eyelashes
  • Up to 27% increase in lash density 

Results from a clinical trial in 20 subjects with twice daily serum application within 8 weeks. 

The eyelash serum has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and is very well tolerated. It is drug-free – without ophthalmologic ingredients.