Whether fleece masks with valuable plant extracts, tightening hydrogel face masks in top design or so-called overnight masks in modern capsule form, which release their concentrated active ingredients to the skin overnight, Chiara Ambra® has implemented all these trends and has developed the right mask for every zone, for every day and for every time.

care masks fit perfectly into today's lifestyle – in the little free time everyone has, you want to feel good. It should go as fast as possible and be highly effective. This is exactly where the care masks from CHIARA AMBRA® come in. In a short period of time, different body parts can be treated.

Scarf or fleece masks can be applied in between and their adhesive effect allows you to move normally during application. While the overnight masks work during sleep, you are completely flexible with the other masks and enjoy absolute freedom of movement.

There is nothing wrong with dosage: With the masks packed in individual sachets, the right dosage is always available! Thanks to the practical, small individual packaging, the masks can be carried space-saving in every handbag and also in the hand bag when travelling by plane.

Masks are the extra plus of daily care – the additional intensive treatment for various skin needs. The difference to normal skin care creams is that the masks can be used to react quickly to any skin care need and/or upcoming event. Whether for a quick glow effect, a refreshing moisture kick, a direct anti-aging effect or simply for relaxation.

The CHIARA AMBRA® range consists of:

  • Sleep masks in capsule form for intensive overnight use
  • Face fleece masks for an instant effect
  • Face fleece masks in trendy animal design
  • Eye fleece masks for a radiant and fresh look
  • Fleece masks for hands and feet in glove/sock form for intensive care
  • Macaron fleece masks for “royal“ well-being moments
  • Alumina fleece masks – wellness from nature
  • Bubble fleece mask for gentle & pore-deep cleaning
  • Hydrogel lip masks for smooth and firm lips
  • Hydrogel facial masks in top design – Intensive moisture with hyaluron and green tea extract
  • Hydrogel eye pads in top design – freshness experience for müde eyes
  • Hydrogel Décolletéé Mask – Intensive Moisture with Hyaluron, Collagen, Aloe Vera and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)