Cooking like in grandma's times
The long-established brand Freyersbacher® from 1838 started marketing "colonial goods" at the beginning.
Today it focuses on "cooking like in grandma's times" and offers everything that makes the heart of a vintage lover beat faster.
Under the brand you will find iron pan sets, bake- and grill stones, oven bowls and knives, which are made according to old forging techniques. Traditional products combined with new technologies - this is what the quality brand FREYERSBACHER® stands for.
In addition to their rustic appearance, the iron pans are characterised in particular by their excellent frying qualities. Food prepared in these frying pans retain their natural, unadulterated taste.
Robust and durable, these cooking utensils often last for many decades. The frying pans are perfect for everything that is seared and possibly roasted thoroughly, e.g. for steaks, schnitzel, roast pieces, fried potatoes, etc.