Our responsibility

Sustainable economy is an important slogan for the WARIMEX company. Ecologically responsible action is promoted by generating electricity, heat and warm water with solar energy.

The company shows responsibility in protecting the environment and in using resources in a sustainable manner. For example, used aluminium pans, which can be recycled as often as you like with no loss of quality, are recycled and used for manufacturing window frames.

However, responsibility does not only mean economic thinking and action with regard to the life cycle of the products.

Responsibility means for WARIMEX

  • Responsible conduct towards our company, society and the environment
  • The inclusion of social and ecological concerns
  • Protecting the environment from unnecessary negative impact
  • Using sustainable energy
  • Recycling products
  • Offering products from renewable raw materials
  • Demonstrating ethical and moral values
  • Creating and secure workplaces
  • Showing social commitment
  • Innovativeness

To set a good example for others - WARIMEX strives to pass on to each and everyone a marked sense of responsible commitment and to make a plea for more sustainability in society.

Environmental management


For more than 20 years, WARIMEX does all it can to offer its customers high quality and innovative products.

The sustainability requirements regarding products concern the entire value chain:

from production over quality testing to transport and delivery to the customer - WARIMEX articles stand for more quality-of-life. An important factor in this is the material used.

Natural and environmentally friendly raw materials are favoured.

Most of the products - for example the aluminium pans - are 100% recyclable.

WARIMEX guarantees that no solvents or PFOA are used in the production of their cookware. Synergies are brought about through innovative combustion and drying processes which ensure the optimal use of the generated heat and efficient use of energy.

The focus is always on using resources in a sustainable manner and minimising waste products.