The Earth's natural resources are limited. A responsible use of these resources and a sustainable lifestyle should not only be the goal of an individual, but of everyone. This is the only way to preserve a high quality of life for people as long as possible. The protection of the environment has top priority. That is why, WARIMEX has made it its business, to actively participate in what is happening and to pursue a targeted environmental management strategy.

This is how the Natural Line® product line was launched. The products of this line are made out of the bioplastic PLA, bamboo and straw.

PLA is a novel material, which is produced on the basis of sugar cane as raw material and the resulting lactic acid as raw material and is biodegradable and industrially compostable.

WARIMEX deliberately opted for sugar cane as a raw material and not for corn or manioc, which are also frequently used for the production of PLA. Compared to corn or manioc, sugar cane is not a staple food. Consequently, the use of this renewable raw material means that there is no livelihood for the production of the products. There is an abundance of sugar cane in many countries around the world.

Conventional plastics can cause serious health and environmental problems from production to disposal. The advantages of PLA, on the other hand, are obvious: PLA products can be recycled on the one hand and, on the other hand, they have the decisive advantage that, unlike conventional plastics, they do not emit harmful substances or cause environmental pollution during disposal: PLA products break down into their components, which are predominantly CO2 and water.

The PLA products are resistant and of very high quality. They are BPA-free, odourless and tasteless. They are also produced climate neutrally. You can find further information on WARIMEX's climate-neutral business at ClimatePartner Warimex
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We are able to manufacture almost any plastic product on sugar cane basis.
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