For enviably long, dense, curved eyelashes with expressive volume. 

The CHIARA AMBRA® Mascara has a curved Maxi-Curl brush for optimal application and a fascinating swing. Each ink compresses and lengthens the eyelashes! 

The contained hyaluronic acid restores moisture and provides smooth and elastic lashes. A combination of natural and synthetic waxes allows immediate coating of each lash with a layer of colour. Deep black colour pigments provide infinite depth to the eye  

Made in Germany! 


The skin of the lip area is very thin, sensitive and always directly exposed to weather influences such as heat and cold. This causes the lips to dry out more quickly and become cracked and brittle.

The XTREME VOLUME LIP BALM offers maximum care and moisture for full and youthful lips. With shea butter, royal jelly and propolis.

The active ingredient Maxilip is a natural peptide. It activates the formation of collagen and hyaluronic acid, increases the ability to bind moisture and noticeably smoothes the lip skin and lip contour. The entire lip area immediately feels pleasantly soft and well-groomed.

Made in Germany!