One of the currently most effective anti-cellulite creams for a firmer and smoother skin!

Body care that can tighten skin, reduce volume and minimize cellulite . Start anti-cellulite care early to prevent unattractive dents. This is because the number of adipocytes increases with increasing age. In addition, the skin (from 40) becomes thinner by 1% annually, as less and less collagen and elastin are produced.
The Swiss research laboratory Mibelle Biochemistry and CHIARA AMBRA® have succeeded in proving the skin care and firming effect of the Xtreme Cellulite Cream.
Within the framework of a clinical examination on 20 test subjects, the following average results were achieved without changing the living and eating habits by daily application of the cream within 6 weeks:

• 37 % less cellulite
• 57 % increase of skin elasticity
• 41 % smoother skin

• Thereby on average : 3,8 cm reduction of the circumference of the femur
With comfrey - plant stem cells - This active ingredient received the "cosmetics business award 2013".